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Patented key technology for automated and autonomous driving

Originally designed as a mobility solution for people with disabilities, today SpaceDrive is one of the leading technologies for drive-by-wire solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, SpaceDrive not only stands for a high level of innovation, but also for field-tested applications with all the necessary approvals. More than 10,000 systems are in use worldwide – with over one billion kilometers driven.

Freedom of movement without the restrictions of a mechanical steering column

SpaceDrive® opens the door to completely new interior concepts.

SpaceDrive is already used in practice as an add-on solution. Instead of a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the steering gear, the vehicle is controlled electronically – by wire.

In addition to the fascination that comes with automated and autonomous driving, SpaceDrive also demonstrates unprecedented freedom in the vehicle interior design. Whether you're using right-hand or left-hand drive, a retractable steering wheel, or operating via a joystick, enjoy a wealth of possibilities thanks to individualized safety systems.

Modular design for a tailor-made solution

SpaceDrive is an individually configurable system consisting of various hardware components and powerful software. As part of a sophisticated safety concept, SpaceDrive works with a multi-redundant control system. Depending on the configuration, the safety system ensures that each of the individual services–steering, motor and brake–are all fail-safe.

Whether with or without a mechanical steering column, any current vehicle can be equipped with SpaceDrive.

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Everything under control – smart and safe

Electronic control unit (ECU), the heart of SpaceDrive®

As the control unit of the SpaceDrive system, the ECU (electronic control unit) is at the heart of any solution. An individually tailored software package and the unique safety concept guarantee reliable operation at all times. Digital and analog input signals are processed in real time and calculated along with relevant vehicle data. After a logical validation, the ECU transmits appropriate commands to the servo motors for controlling the steering, accelerator and brakes.

Key benefits of SpaceDrive®

  • In automated or autonomous vehicles, SpaceDrive enables precise, responsive and reliable steering.
  • The technology can work in conjunction with driver assistance systems to assist steering during emergency braking or when lane keeping assist is activated.
  • SpaceDrive allows for a variable steering ratio, which improves maneuverability at low speeds and makes parking easier, among other benefits.
  • The steering characteristics can be adapted to suit individual preferences to create a personalized driving experience.
  • In sporty vehicles, SpaceDrive enables fast and precise steering that improves performance and agility.
  • SpaceDrive enables collision-avoidance steering and can increase driving stability in critical situations.
  • SpaceDrive supports remote control steering.
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